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July 14th, 2013, 11:47 pm


Please Read

Okay so I've finished the whole chapter 1. I just haven't uploaded it. Now. Here's the problem. Seeing as how this isn't supposed to be a very long story, the plot that I have given to it will either make it last longer than I want or make it really short.

The other thing is~ *SIGH* I'm not having fun with it, which was the goal of the story in the first place. SOOOOOO I have to gain my feel for wanting to draw it like in the beginning so I'll upload the last pages of chapter 1 sometime soon and this time instead of making a plot for another story, I'm might make a comic with a bunch of random junk.

To be honest over the time, I've lost my motivation for drawing comics. I don't know why. Today I have the best story idea...I even drew 5 pages of the beginning and planned the plot and each chapter out. But I threw it out the window. I just can't get an idea that will make me feel like "YES! This is a story I'll wanna draw and read to myself years later!" Part of it is because of my impatience and lack of focus. |D I get impatient, speed up the story process, and BAM! I don't want to deal with it anymore. Or I'm impatient, keeping the story at a super slow pace, and here we are again~ Back to me not wanting to deal with it. I'm the type of mangaka/comic writer who needs someone to kick my butt and stay on me about it or else won't want to. I also need someone to work alongside me so that I don't have the stress of drawing pages and coming up with ideas on myself.....

I'm sorry I came up with nothing but excuses for not uploading. But of course, I am a young girl in highschool and apparently they don't let me have too much time to myself considering that I have to go back there next month! *ragequit* It'll be over soon though. TT u TT

I'm just gonna stop talking to myself now. *lazycry* SORRY I FAILED YOU ALL AGAIN! *headdesks brutally* I'll set the pages to upload once a week. TT 3 TT Later

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